Monday, 11 January 2010

New year, new studio, new work!

2010 is here and to celebrate i have moved out of the bedroom and into a new space, at Westgate Studios in Wakefield.
I am already working towards a group exhibition for Wakefield Art Walk, put together buy the artist Vicky Lucas, on the 27th of January. I will update further soon.
Also expect to see a new paper cutting project come into fruition, a brand new website, new commissioned works and im sure many ideas and works i dont even know about yet!

Happy New Year.

i hope its a good one

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  1. Hi Andy,

    My name's Matt and I had the studio at Westgate Studios before you. Just wanted to say hi really, and hope you enjoy the studio space! It's a really great space and I have many happy memories of it. I'm sure you'll find this but it's especially great on those Summer evenings when you can open up the door and watch the sun go down. Anyway, best of luck, think your work is fantastic, and really hope to be able to come along to some shows in the future.

    Best wishes,