Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Craft House Concept Exhibition

I will be exhibiting some of my paper birds at Craft House Concept in Edinburgh from the 2nd of June until the 17th of July. The birds will be exhibited and be on sale along with other paper art works from a group of selected paper artists across the UK.


  1. What beautiful birds! Just came across you randomly (searching images for contemporary glass lighting weirdly). Lovely work. I have work at Craft house Concept too.

  2. Thanks Hanna. I enjoyed your work as well. You have a shop in Hebden Bridge i see. Im based in Wakefiled. id like to visit some time.

  3. It's must be a brilliant process of creating things from paper. I am very appreciate your works and would like to use the some pictures of that blue bird for my design assignment at school. It is a non-commercial purpose so I hope you consider to accept it :D...Thanks in advance!